If you are on Mac OX this is fine as it is UNIX-based system also the instructions will be majorly for Linux....

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If you current operating system is Windows it is recommend to either extend the console with Cywing or better get <a href="

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  • The lifespan app is currently under heavy development as it has the highest priority.

  • The expres...

Denigma Rationality

This is an open source project providing a platform for both life and computer scientists as well as artists in order to address the fundamental quest...

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Denigma Description

Denigma is a Django project intended to provide a starting point for deciphering life. By integrating a...

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Acoustic Levitator

An acoustic levitator based on sound waves can confer objects anti-gravity []....

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Early Markers of Efficient Reprogramming

Expression profiling of genes associated with pluripotency revealed a early marker genes which determine whether a cell will be fully, partially or no...

Reprogramming Signature

Epigentic changes are a general feature of the iPSC state and are independent of somatic cell source. The reprogramming efficiency inversley correlate...

Decorating 3rd party app's views

There are several ways on how to decorate a third party apps' views:

  1. [Middleware](
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Age-Associated Disease GWAS Meta-Analysis

A small number of places in the human genome are associated with a large number of diseases and in particular diseases of aging.

A meta-analysis of h...

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