ID name shortcut description
1 0.05% Glucose restriction severe DR
2 0.5% Glucose restriction moderate DR
3 eat-2 mutation eat-2 Loss of function alleles of eat-2 (encoding a non-alpha-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit ), increase lifespan by 0-57% while decreasing fertility, are considered as a genetic forms of dietary restriction [9789046]. Lakowski & Hekimi, 1998 Panowski et al ., 2007 Kaeberlein et al ., 2006 Lee et al., 2006 Hansen et al., 2007 Houthoofd et al ., 2002b
4 Intermittent Fasting IF
5 Bacterial dilution bDR Dilution of the live bacteria (antibiotics) on liquid media usually started at day 2 of adulthood increase lifespan by 60-70% and decrease fertility at the same time. Panowski et al., 2007 Houthoofd et al., 2003 Klass, 1977
6 Glucose restriction GR
7 Dietary restriction DR
8 Amino acid restriction AAR
9 Water starvation WS Incubation in water represents a form of starvation/extreme dietary restriction, which similar to the reduction of glucose content in the growth medium, promotes lifespan extension [7,39,44,49 in Fabrizio et al., 2010].
10 Genetic DR mimetic GDRM
11 Dietary/bacterial depletion/deprivation DD/BD Bacterial deprivation, the complete removal of food (E. coli) on solid media, during early adulthood (day 2) extends lifespan by 42-50% with unknown effect on fertility [17081160;17096674;18457595;18083317; Kaeberlein et al., 2006; Lee et al ., 2006; Steinkraus et al., 2008].
12 Minimal Medium MM
13 Solid plate-based dietary restriction sDR Solid plate-based DR with (mostly) live or dead E. coli started at day 5 of adulthood increases lifespan by 18-35% and decreases fertility [Greer et al., 2007].
14 Peptone Dilution PD/DP Dilution of peptone on solid media with live E. coli. applied at birth extends the lifespan by 33% and increases fertility [Hosono et al., 1989].
15 Liquid media/culture DR lDR Restriction of live E. coli in liquid + solid media (antibiotics) started usally at L4/young adulthood increases lifespan by 28% and decreases fertility [Bishop & Guarente, 2007].
16 Yeast Dilution DR ydDR The reduction in brewer's yeast (e.g. from 6 to 1%) is an effective regimen for DR studies in Drosophila [17921418], which produces longevity effects [19968629]. See also Giannakou et al. 2012 [18241326].
17 Food dilution DR fdDR Dilution of the food as described by Giannakou et al., 2008 [18241326].
19 Ad libitum AL Medium: Solid Source of food: Live E. coli
20 Axenic media Axenic A liquid defined chemical broth starting at Larval day 4 (L4) increases lifespan by 80-150% and decreases fertility [Houthoofd et al., 2002b; Houthoofd et al., 2003; Houthoofd et al., 2002a].
21 Chemical defined liquid media CDML A chemical defined liquid birth applied at birth increases lifespan by 80% and decreases fertility [Szewczyk et al., 2006].
22 Resveratrol RES Application of DR-mimetic resveratrol on solid live or dead E. coli started at birth extends the lifespan by 6-14% with no effect on fertility [Wood et al., 2004; Viswannathan et al., 2005; Bass et al., 2007].
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