Scientist conduct research. They need to have deep knowledge of organisms from the molecular level onwards. Their concepts shape how data is organized...



The lifespan app of Denigma systematically cartographies all the determinants that limit life. From studies that report lifespan experiments with meas...

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Editing Form Data

In order to update and entry rather than to create a new one instance of this data entry needs to be retrieved from the database as first and passed t...

Senescence in The Wild

It is often argued that aging is not adaptive as does it not occurs in the wild, but rather than being an artifact of protective environments such as ...

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Epistasis of Longevity

By utilizing the information from studies which report lifespan experiments of genes in combination a genetic network of longevity will be established...


Everything you need to know about Denigma. Explanations on how Denigma can be effectively altered will be given in a series of tutorials. Each tutoria...

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Design creative media reflecting your imagination. Its about making the world around us a nicer place and creating beautiful content. Denigma represen...

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Programming enables to develop new digital innovations. Its about being a creator rather than just a user of digital content. In Denigma everything is...

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Research is about understanding nature. To understand how the wonderful creations of evolution work, information needs to be gathered and structured i...

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Linux is the most preferred system in which Denigma and the interaction with it can run. Denigma itself is currently in an <a href="http://www.ubuntu....

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