Denigma Alphabet

The Denigma Alphabet is simple and beautiful at the same time. It aims to achieve the highest possible aesthetic value for characters (letters, number...

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In Denigma there are three aspects carried out by their respective professions:

  1. Research / Scientist
  2. Programming / Developer
  3. Design / Artist...
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Denigma Concepts

The Denigma features several extraordinary conceptions:

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Submitting Data via a Form

This is a simple demonstration on how to submit data via a form into a database. It provides the minimal steps to be performed to accomplish this:


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Metabolites are the intermediates and products of metabolism. They are usual small molecules and include a huge range of chemical types from amino aci...

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An Enigma is en/decipher machine used to encode and decode information....

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Lifespan of the Mammalian Ancestor Extrapolated

Extrapolations from genome evolution patterns of modern genomes suggest that mammals in Cretaceous period were relatively large and long-lived (maximu...


Dicer is downregulated by aging and maintained by DR

As mice age, there is a downregulation of Dicer and miRNA processing in adipose tissue resulting in decreases of multiple miRNAs. The decline in Dicer...

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Genome-wide analysis of miRNA expression in brain aging in primates

Aging in the cortex and cerebrellum of humans, chimpanzees and rhesus macaques is accompyned with a global miRNA downregulation, while a small subset...

Glucose scarcity and alkaline stress induce the same set of genes

In budding yeast alkaline pH stress invokes a potent and fast transcriptional response that includes many genes repressed by glucose [http://www.ncbi....

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