Path of Truth I Red

Congratulation, you received your first rank!

You are now a scientific Recruit!

Go and do research!...

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Path of Truth III: Become a Artist

Be creative....

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Path of Truth II: Become a Developer

Do not just use things. Create Things!...

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Path of Truth I: Become a Scientist

Not understanding the world around you is not right....

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Paths of Truth

Our life is full of lies. There are three paths of Truth:

  1. Path of Truth I
  2. Path pf Trut...

Linux coding

Welcome to the wonderful UNIX world. Here we are starting to learn your command-fu.

Why to use the command line? Because there is no better way to ...

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Titles are catholic christian nominations given for your artistic skills. They loosely follow the <a href="

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Grades are martial art inspired gradings and represented by a colour schema. They are given for mastering certain programming tasks and grades can be ...

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Ranks are military structured scientific achievements. Through solving scientific quests you get promotions to the next higher rank.

As a scientist i...

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Derivates are application that take advantage of the universal data app (alias blog). They are called like this because they are derived from the data...

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