South enables schema and data migration of a django-backend database [

ENCODE the Human Genome

The goal of ENCODE (ENCyclopdia of DNA Elements) is to systematically characterize all functional elements in the human genome.

What has been rendere...

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JS Frameworks

This are JavaScript frameworks considered for Denigma with particular order: 1. KnockoutJS 2. BackboneJS 3. Cappucino 4. Ember.Js 5. Sammy.JS 6. Spine...

Printing in Templates

Whether variables get correctly passed to a template can be checked with printing: ::

{% if item %}
    {{ item }}
{% else %}

Install Django

TO install Django follow this steps: ::

$ apt-get install python-pip python-virtualenv virtualenvwrapper
$ cd code
$ mkvirtualenv some-dj...

Denigma Articles

Articles in Denigma are written plain-text. Denigma is capable of utilizing multiple mark-up languages at the same time in the same article. ReStructu...

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Markdown vs. ReStructured Text

Denigma supports multiple markup language including the two big ones markdown and ReStructured Text.

Markdown can be used to format entries: ::

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Podcasts are great to keep up-to-date with science and technology:


Gene Expression Analysis

For performing gene expression profile analysis do the following steps:

  1. Averaging expression intensities of all replicates for control and experim...

Genomics - Compressed

The capacity for generating genomic data is increasing more rapidly than computing power. The rate at which genomes can be sequenced doubles every fou...