WYSIWYG Editor Widget

To extend a textfield in a template into a rich text-formating field a couple of extension/plugins can be utilized:

[TinyMCE Widget](http://djangosni...

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Web Framework

Django is the "The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines."

What is a web framework? In analogy to LEGO. Imagine C code is the plastic of ...

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Computer programming remains an arcane art. Python is the programming language of choice as it is beautiful and highly-powerful at the same time. Pyth...



Sections, Division & Lines

These are tags to divide a page into sections and therelike. Use them effectively to structure t...

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Rendering Tables

To create a table from a model django-table2 can be used.

Add django-table2 to the requirements and config file under installed apps: ::

nano re...


Denigma datasets includes References to the literature and Changes occuring on multiple levels in an organism as well as their relations. It functions...

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Denigma references all information very accurately. A reference is commonly a scientific article....



Denigma cartographies changes from the molecular level to whole physiology which occur in defined contrasts such as aging and dietary as well as genet...

Direct to Template

URLconf ( is the mapping between urls and functions ( When the user click triggers the url the function will be executed, prepares t...


Gerontogenes promote aging. Loss-of-function of this gene class retards aging and leads to an increased lifespan, while gain-of-function manipulations...

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