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Edit Published from October 20, 2013 to Mouse Lifespan Experiments

Dear Friends, The "help the little mouse to live longer" lifespan test campaign that we have initialized is going into its final day. We have reached the initial set goal, but if we are able to gather more and at least reach the stretched goal of $20,000 we are able to perform additional experiments and test other combinations of therapeutic interventions. Moreover, the Methuselah Foundation will grant further $2,000 if we together are able to achieve the new goal within the next day. So even more experiments could take place and even your idea could be realized!

What interventions should be tested?

Please spread the word about this campaign to help promoting the realization of lifespan tests for the good of all of us!

This is the last opportunity to contribute to this great project. There are many interesting Perks that you can get by donating, check them out, if you have not yet.

Please go and help. Every contribution is greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Daniel

Edit Published from October 11, 2013 to Ontology of Gerontology

An Ontology for the Gerontology [GERO] will make the solution to Aging computable.

The mission statement is found here: Gerontology

A poll to determine its name is available at

If you like to participate in its construction, join the mailing list at gero[at] (simply mailing to it and introduction yourself).

Edit Published from August 13, 2013 to Cloud for Longevity

Help to establish Cloud services for Longevity Research (Longevity Cloud). We are in the process to create a Cloud service dedicated to support anti-Aging research that utilizes the high performance and distributed computing to solve Aging. In order to make this possible we need your help!

Please Contribute or at least Donate

Edit Published from July 31, 2013 to API Unleashed

Denigma provides a single access point to Lifespan Data. The Application Programming Interface (API) can be accessed by appending the plural form of a data model right after the root URI (e.g. studies, experiments, interventions, factors, variants, etc.).

Edit Published from July 17, 2013 to IRC Channel

We have an IRC Channel at #denigma

A web interface is available here

If you encounter problems with connecting, you can also join with any other client, such as

To join simply choice a nickname (password is totally optional here).

If you have any urgent issues and just want immediate response or exchange of thoughts please use the IRC channel.

Edit Published from May 22, 2013 to Lifespan Factors 3D Structures

Denigma is now capable of rendering the three dimensional structure of those Lifespan Factors that were structural analyzed, Understanding the structure of those Factors is necessary to effectively identify small components that enhance the function of Aging-Suppressors Genes and Gero-suppressors as well as inhibit the function of Gerontogenes and Gero-Enhancers.

So for instance

Edit Published from May 14, 2013 to Dengima Chat

The Denigma Chat is currently dectivated.

Edit Published from May 14, 2013 to Term Searching in Gene Expression Signatures

The Gene Expressions app is enhanced. One can now search for any term in the gene expression Signatures. For instance, if one selects entrez gene id as unique id and types hormone in the term field all differential expressed hormones are linked.

Edit Published from March 21, 2013 to Aging Research gets Legal Support

An Initiative was formed with the aims to add Legal Support for Lifespan Extension Research [].

Edit Published from March 20, 2013 to Questionnaires

The Questionnaire Application is implemented. It is a variant of the Polls Application []. The questionnaire Application is now ready and the first questionnaire on Open Distributed Science for Ageing Research is released [].

Please take the questionnaire and provide feedback to make Open Distributed Science possible!

Edit Published from March 20, 2013 to Announcement announced

Denigma features now Announcements. To be announced!

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