Denigma Launched!

This is the official launch of Denigma. It passed all tests and should now be ready to be used as a secret weapon against aging. Denigma has all basic...


MRI Brain Scans Assess Age Accurately

Magnetic resonance imaging can reveal a developmental clock within the bain, i.e. a biological signature of maturation which captures age differences...

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Energy Expendure - Long-Lived Ceatures

While body mass and size does not correlate well with longevity, energy expendure over a lifetime may be the best predictor [

Chameleon Robot

A tiny robot of silicon can adjust his color to the environment via pumping of dyes and even glue in visile and infrared light during night [http://ww...


daf-16 Signal to Stem Cells

Cell-nonuatonomous signaling from daf-16 to stem-cells determines longevity [

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Book Translated into DNA

The information of book about 53.426 words and 11 images was converted in DNA and this information was recovered by sequencing [http://www.wissenschaf...


Stronger than Diamond

A artificial mixture of ordered (cristallin) and anordered (amorph) carbon is even stronger as diamond which is only ordered [http://www.wissenschaft....

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Selfish DNA

Selfish DNA found in some plat mitochondria and in animals tends to copy itself faster than other DNA, has no function useful to the cell, and in some...


Developmental Disruption Force

Organism build tissues thay seemingly never use and serve no purpose. Many animals build tissues and structures they do not appear to use, and then th...


I'm Bloggin!

blogging is fun, yeah!...

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