The Tutorials Application

Denigma was updated. We now have a tutorials app. The tutorials will be made more comprehensive and functional replace Denigma's initial proposal. Tut...


The Lifespan App

The lifespan app aims to systemically cartography all lifespan affecting factors. It is logical structured as follows:

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Denigma Blog

The Denigma Blog is a multifunctional app. It serves to diverse purposes. Its basic unit is a post which structure follows TTT (Ttile, Text and Tags)....

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Denigma Enhancement Proposals Protocol

A todo can be converted into a DEP (Denigma Enhancement Proposal). This should preferably written in <a href="

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Programming Denigma

Functionality to Denigma can easily be added by altering an existing app or just adding a new app.

Denigma's source code is open and its whole creati...

Changing Denigma db

Denigma's core philosphy is that everything is modifyable by everyone. Denigm's Wiki and Todos already fullfil this criterion nicely. In addition all ...

Viewing Entries in Denigma db

To switch to the admin interface of Denigma click either on "Denigm db" on the left top in the hierarchy navigation or under your user name in the rig...

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Denigma is unique as everything in it is fully editable as well as programmable and modifiable. Denigma can, in principle, be changed in three fashion...

Database Synchronization

Denigma introduces the concept of database synchronization. There are numerous databases and most act in isolation, some are loosely coupled via hyp...


The Purpose of Denigma

I'm happy to announce that our next-gen database system is now ready! It is running under the code name "Denigma". So we are building a "digital Enigm...