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A Unified Explanation of Ageing: article
Reprogramming lifespan - in silico simulation of organismal aging and its reversal: article, proposal
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Gerontogenes vs. Ageing-Suppressors Genes: article, gerontogenes, network topology, functional enrichment, ,, ageing-suppressor genes
An Ultradian Oscillator Mediates Longevity: ageing, endocytosis, autophagy, article, ultradian rhythms
Markdown vs. ReStructured Text: article
Functional Genomics of Ageing and Its Modulation by Diet: thesis, structure, article
Comparative Interactomics of Dietary Restriction: evolution, article, interactome, diet
Identification of Ndt80 Target Genes Essential for Rejuvenation: dietary caloric restriction, Ndt80, rejuvenation, target genes, article, transcription factor
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Glucose scarcity and alkaline stress induce the same set of genes: aging, note
Genome-wide analysis of miRNA expression in brain aging in primates: primates, aging, brain, miRNA, note
Dicer is downregulated by aging and maintained by DR: aging, DICER, miRNA, diet
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