Database Synchronization

Denigma introduces the concept of database synchronization. There are numerous databases and most act in isolation, some are loosely coupled via hyperlinks. However, many contain overlapping information. For instance lets assume that there are two databases which contain similar information but in a different context. It is therefore logical to couple these two resources in order to keep both up-to-date regarding their content. Information can easily be regarded as discrete functional units, which are independent of database backend. For this purpose Denigma proposes to create synchronization functions which will in Denigma be realized by views to pioneer this concept.

The obstacle to overcome is to handle schema migration/evolution in an elegant way. Denigma like a few other databases is not static, both its content and design is progressively changing. The synchronization function should automatically adjust the data flow according to the changed schema.

There are two possibilities regarding synchronization: One database can simply function as seeder and the other as leecher or both are equivalent and exchange information periodically or even continuously. This all has the additional benefit that data is replicated and prevents the lost of information effectively if any database is compromised somehow (e.g. a continent get ripped away). It also promotes simultaneously the unification of data (In such that it helps to reach the singularity), as well as allows to to display the same data in a different viewpoints, which is also good as we need to see the world in many different angles in order to understand it.


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