Denigma is unique as everything in it is fully editable as well as programmable and modifiable. Denigma can, in principle, be changed in three fashions:

  1. Content: regarding the actual content it is composed of (Research).
  2. Functional: how it is conceptually built and working (Programming).
  3. Representative: regarding its overall structure and representation (Design).

As soon as your Email address is verified you gain staff status and will be able to access the admin interface, hence receive access to all the tables in Denigma db. Data in Denigma is organized according to application (apps). There are for instance annotations, interactions, datasets, expressions and lifespan apps:

Annotations integrates information from external sources such as gene annotation databases.

Interactions is specialized on integrating heterogenous interaction types.

Expressions contains transcriptomics or proteomics profiles of gene activity measurements.

Datasets is a collection of other diverse data (e.g. from individual studies) where each table represents a single dataset.

Lifespan is most important constitute of Denigma which is dedicated to systematically decipher the aging process and reveal the limits of life. In the lifespan section the probably most import model describes the factors with limit lifespan.

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