The Purpose of Denigma

I'm happy to announce that our next-gen database system is now ready! It is running under the code name "Denigma". So we are building a "digital Enigma" to decode the aging process.

The basic idea is that this platform is fully editable and programmable by everyone. So it will be a revolution.

We have to add all known aging-associated factors to the "Factor" table under the "Lifespan" section. It is a difficult task which requires your help and your opinion on it. In order to let Denigma be successful, it needs to know about all the aging factors and be programmed with necessary functionalities to decipher aging. This is your chance to become core-developers/curators. Your input can shape the initial content and design of Denigma and render it the most powerful flagship against aging.

Please have a look at Denigma and let me know what you think about this next-generation weapon to fight aging [].


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