ID name shortcut description
1 0.05% Glucose restriction severe DR
2 0.5% Glucose restriction moderate DR
19 Ad libitum AL Medium: Solid Source of food: Live E. coli
8 Amino acid restriction AAR
20 Axenic media Axenic A liquid defined chemical broth starting at Larval day 4 (L4) increases lifespan by 80-150% and decreases fertility [Houthoofd et al., 2002b; Houthoofd et al., 2003; Houthoofd et al., 2002a].
5 Bacterial dilution bDR Dilution of the live bacteria (antibiotics) on liquid media usually started at day 2 of adulthood increase lifespan by 60-70% and decrease fertility at the same time. Panowski et al., 2007 Houthoofd et al., 2003 Klass, 1977
21 Chemical defined liquid media CDML A chemical defined liquid birth applied at birth increases lifespan by 80% and decreases fertility [Szewczyk et al., 2006].
7 Dietary restriction DR
11 Dietary/bacterial depletion/deprivation DD/BD Bacterial deprivation, the complete removal of food (E. coli) on solid media, during early adulthood (day 2) extends lifespan by 42-50% with unknown effect on fertility [17081160;17096674;18457595;18083317; Kaeberlein et al., 2006; Lee et al ., 2006; Steinkraus et al., 2008].
3 eat-2 mutation eat-2 Loss of function alleles of eat-2 (encoding a non-alpha-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit ), increase lifespan by 0-57% while decreasing fertility, are considered as a genetic forms of dietary restriction [9789046]. Lakowski & Hekimi, 1998 Panowski et al ., 2007 Kaeberlein et al ., 2006 Lee et al., 2006 Hansen et al., 2007 Houthoofd et al ., 2002b
17 Food dilution DR fdDR Dilution of the food as described by Giannakou et al., 2008 [18241326].
10 Genetic DR mimetic GDRM
6 Glucose restriction GR
4 Intermittent Fasting IF
15 Liquid media/culture DR lDR Restriction of live E. coli in liquid + solid media (antibiotics) started usally at L4/young adulthood increases lifespan by 28% and decreases fertility [Bishop & Guarente, 2007].
12 Minimal Medium MM
14 Peptone Dilution PD/DP Dilution of peptone on solid media with live E. coli. applied at birth extends the lifespan by 33% and increases fertility [Hosono et al., 1989].
22 Resveratrol RES Application of DR-mimetic resveratrol on solid live or dead E. coli started at birth extends the lifespan by 6-14% with no effect on fertility [Wood et al., 2004; Viswannathan et al., 2005; Bass et al., 2007].
13 Solid plate-based dietary restriction sDR Solid plate-based DR with (mostly) live or dead E. coli started at day 5 of adulthood increases lifespan by 18-35% and decreases fertility [Greer et al., 2007].
9 Water starvation WS Incubation in water represents a form of starvation/extreme dietary restriction, which similar to the reduction of glucose content in the growth medium, promotes lifespan extension [7,39,44,49 in Fabrizio et al., 2010].
16 Yeast Dilution DR ydDR The reduction in brewer's yeast (e.g. from 6 to 1%) is an effective regimen for DR studies in Drosophila [17921418], which produces longevity effects [19968629]. See also Giannakou et al. 2012 [18241326].
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