Collaboration is working together in an intellectual endeavor to achieve a common goal. o


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    Crowd Funding 1 4 Kulaga; Khaltourina; Katiyar; Xu Crowd funding/financing is the collaborative effort of individuals who network and **pool** their **money** usually via Internet **to support** the **effort of a group/organization**. It therefore provides a powerful **alternative resource to gran...
    Longevity Media 1 4 Katiyar; Xu; Coernette; Maidano Longevity and the problem of Aging should be broadcasted via different media. For instance a **Longevity radio** and/or **online TV channel** shall be established, which functions several purposes: * Making people **aware of** the possibility of *...
    Educational Platform 1 4 Stambler; Kulaga; Katiyar; Xu ``Eduction`` should be **free to anyone**. The International Longevity Alliance promotes eduction of people about longevity. Classic Universities shall offer **Anti-Aging related courses**. Further, something along the line of **Longevity Unive...
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