Collaboration Educational Platform

Involved Labs/Organisations (1): International Longevity Alliance
Participating Members (4): Ilia Stambler, Anton Kulaga, Vikas Katiyar, Jason Xu

Eduction should be free to anyone. The International Longevity Alliance promotes eduction of people about longevity.

Classic Universities shall offer Anti-Aging related courses.

Further, something along the line of Longevity University need to be established which shall provide Certificates or Diplomas. Ilia can coordinate the development of this program.

The raise of the world-wide web as the chief medium and the economics of Internet makes it possible that university-level eduction can be both high quality and low cost (even free).

Coursera and Udacity are somehow like Universities of the next-generation with a huge potential to highly effectively educate the broader public as they are free and people can manage their on time.

Coursera's biological coursers are based on peer reviewing mostly, that is the most helpful feature. One problem is if you miss the deadline (which is easy for working people) you would not be able to submit the essay in the course.

An alternative peer review system (realized with documents/graphs databases) that is not deadline orientated is therefore be highly advantageous to educate the broader public.

At the same time when kids are educated via such systems they will be attracted to science aimed to promote longevity and therefore speedup the progression in anti-aging Research via novel innovative ideas. Basically the whole endeavor aims to build up as fast as possible an elite of anti-Aging Researchers.




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