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reST features several synthaxes for tables. Grid tables are complete but a lot of work, while simple tables are easy to create but limited (now raw spans, etc.). Additionally, CSV-tables are a convenient alternative where one can define column widths. Tables can be decorated with a title and even hyperlinked.

Grid table:

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
body row 1 column 2 column 3
body row 2 Cells may span columns.
body row 3 Cells may span rowns
  • Cells
  • contain
  • blocks.
body row 4

Simple table:

Inputs Output
A B A or B
False False False
True False True
False True True
True True True

Titled table:

The table directive can be used to create a titled table:

Denigma's Aspects
Research Programming Design
Scientists Developers Artists
Ranks Grades Titles

CSV table:

CSV tables enable to specify explicitly the width of each column:

Facets Professions Achievements
Research Scientist Ranks
Programming Developer Grades
Design Artist Titles

Hyper table:

To refer to a table a simple hyperlink can be declared, i.e. creating a hyper-table.

Attribute value
implementation simple
usability high
acceptance yes

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