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Denigma Organization/Foundation is an "Umbrella" Corporation on top of Denigma with wider Goals and the Slogan "Decoding and Encoding Information"

The Denigma against Aging is the main Project Prototype, but its associated Technologies can also be used in other Fields.

This Organization declares Principles and contacts all Projects that try to use AI and Collaboration and therefore connects Developers, Scientists and Artists to boost Science and propose them to be listed in Denigma Organization. This sets the Foundation to have:

  1. A good reason to contact like-minded People not only in Aging but in different Fields as well
  2. An Organization with many Projects listed that can be viewed as strong and reliable from outside, it will be easier to seek for People and Grants

The Denigma Organization has the following Goals:

  1. Search for perspective and breakthrough Projects in Aging, Biology and other Sciences (e.g. AI).
  2. Help with Management and Organization of such kind of Projects
  3. Event Organization
  4. Hosting and Promotion of Projects
  5. Help with Software and Development Infrastructure (like code repositories, Wiki, Issue Tracker and so on)
  6. Organize Pool of Projects and People who want to work on such kind of Activities

The Organization coordinates the Development of Denigma Projects. These Parts should use different Sites or Domains, so Users can see difference between Organization and its Projects.


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