Data entries are grouped by specified categories which make up the foundation of Denigma's internal structure. o


  • Tutorial: Everything you need to know about Denigma. Explanations on how Denigma can be effectively altered will be given in a series of tutorials. Each tutorial should be modular like an app. Tutorials can be ... ( View | Update )
  • News: The News App is there to report on new discoveries towords the overall aim of deciphering life as well as the newest developments and changes on Denigma.... ( View | Update )
  • Content: Content is information. Denigma's content is mainly driven by the fundamental Data Unit which is the Data Entry and its associated derivatives the Blog Post and Wiki Pages. Therefore, the data unit co... ( View | Update )
  • Concept: The Denigma features several extraordinary conceptions: * Aspects * Axioms * Data Unification * Data Unit * Database Synchronization * Duties * Modularity * Principles * Distributed Science... ( View | Update )
  • Relationship: A relationship is an entry which links two other entries and describes the type of relation between these two data entries. Relationship entry's titles are usual in lower case.... ( View | Update )
  • Article: :Abstract: Articles in Denigma are written plain-text. Denigma is capable of utilizing multiple mark-up languages at the same time in the same article. ReStructured Text as it is the superior mark... ( View | Update )
  • reST: .. _rst: .. contents:: **Contents** :Abstract: reStructuredText (reST, ReST, rst) is the superior lightweight markup language designed to be both (a) processable by machines (Denigma) and (b) ea... ( View | Update )
  • Quest: There are quests on Denigma which are specific to each of its three aspects, Research, Programming and Design. Quests are a great opportunity to gain a higher level in your professions. If a quest is ... ( View | Update )

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