Footnote references, like [5]. Note that footnotes may get rearranged, e.g., to the bottom of the "page".

[5]A numerical footnote. Note there is no colon after the ]

Autonumbered footnotes are possible, like [1] and [2].

[1]This is the first one.
[2]This is the second one.

They may be assigned 'autonumber labels' - for instance, [4] and [3].

[3]a.k.a. third
[4]a.k.a. fourth

Auto-symbol footnotes are also possible, like this: [*] and [†].

[*]This is the first one.
[†]This is the second one.

Also arbitrary names can be used like [7] and [6].

[6]a.k.a. franz
[7]a.k.a. harald

Note the numbering of auto-numbered footnotes is determined by the order of the footnotes, not of the references. In the case of auto-numbered footnote references without autonumber labels ("[#]_"), the references and footnotes must be in the same relative order. Similarly for auto-symbol footnotes ("[*]_").

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