fabp overexpression

Species: Fruit fly (Taxid: 7227)
Factor: fabp
Manipulation: Gain-of-Function, Overexpression

Overexpression of fabp (CG6783) throughout the whole body increases mean, median and maximum lifespan by 77, 81 and 13%, increases stress resistant (to paraquat but not starvation), consistently reduces mortality rate across adult ages and reduces the lifespan extension of DR by 12% [22997544].

fabp overexpression increases the dFOXO nuclear localization in the fat-body. mRNA levels of dFOXO target genes l(2)efl and 4E-BP in the adult whole bodies increases in response to overexpression of fabp [22997544].

Females of the genotype Act-GS-Gal4 > UAS-CG6783 exhibit an increase in median lifespan compared to uninduced control in response to feeding with RU486-containing food from day 3 of adulthood (P < 0.0001). Mean lifespan is extended by 10, while maximum lifespan is decreased by 11% [22997544].

Mean: +77
Median: +81
Maximum: +13

  • 22997544: Overexpression of Fatty-Acid-β-Oxidation-Related Genes Extends the Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster.

  • Aging Relevance Analysis/Source:
  • GenAge
  • GenDR
  • Comparisons:
  • EPCG6783/+ vs. da/+ ( male ) : 76.9(mean) 9.4(max)
  • da>EPCG6783 vs. da/+ ( male ) : 76.9(mean) 81.3(median) 12.5(max)
  • Act-GS-Gal4>UAS-CG6783 vs. Act-GS-Gal4>UAS-CG6783 ( female, male ) : 9.7(mean) -10.8(max)

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