We need to know every factor which determines lifespan.

Lifespan factors often but not always originate from defined genetic elements. They are not just genes, by definition they can be anything for which a Classifications schema can be build for that is related to the regulation of lifespan, such entities may include Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism, transcript variants, proteins and their complexes, compounds (i.e. small molecules like metabolites and drugs), etc. A factor should be based on a defined molecular entity or genomic position and been classified. It shall be highly flexible and scalable Concept.

While individual lifespan factors within each species or precise defined molecular entities will be captured within the Lifespan App, Data Entries of the Data App may summarize for instance the relevance of each factor class (e.g. homologous group; chemical derivate of related structure and properties, etc.) as well as draw overall conclusions. o


  • symbol name observation species
    apr-1 APC Related Nematode
    rs2495513 Human
    rs4291539 Human
    rs10923806 Human
    rs1538287 Human
    rs6540664 Human
    rs6701445 Human
    rs12088486 Human
    rs10514626 Human
    rs7583529 Human
    rs4505466 Human
    rs964403 Human
    rs3864051 Human
    rs712773 Human
    rs1562688 Human
    rs6769400 Human
    rs513154 Human
    rs571391 Human
    rs2670104 Human
    rs10513702 Human
    rs2354314 Human
    rs795602 Human
    rs4282145 Human
    rs11738302 Human
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    Factors are an extension of GenAge and GenDR.

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