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    Pentose Phosphate Pathway 2 3 Magalhaes; Wuttke; Tang The pentose phosphate pathway chiefly generates reduction equivalents in the form of NADPH: 3 G6P + 6 NADPH+ + 3 H2O = 6 NADPH + 6 H+ + 3 CO2 + 2 F6P + GAP 6 equivalents of NADPH is quite a lot for just three sugars. NADPH might scavenge ROS. ...
    Microarray Game 3 3 Shytikov; Wuttke; Tang There are many possibilities to analyze molecular Signatures. They can be compared to each other, meta-signature via Meta-Analysis can be derived, functional enriched terms can be assessed as well as Lifespan Factors identified. It is possible to ...
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