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    Graph Visualization 3 7 Stambler; Kulaga; Wuttke; Nishry; Mind; Atraylen; Horusavatar **Data on Aging** need to be **visualized** with an ``interactive`` and ``intuitive interface`` that enables ``collaborative reverse-engineering`` of the Aging process. It shall be a popular and interactive way of to convey a basic understanding of t...
    Age In Vivo 2 7 Kulaga; Wuttke; AgeVivo; Logic; Mind; cryonicsculture; Horusavatar *in vivo* (Latin for ``within living``) is experimentations that **utilizes whole living organisms**. Age *in vivo* is ``do it yourself`` **Biology on Aging**. The goal is to bring in more people interested in Aging. Hence, it is primarily of prom...
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