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Involved Labs/Organisations (2): International Longevity Alliance, LongeCity
Participating Members (7): Anton Kulaga, Daniel Wuttke, AgeVivo, Logic, Mind, cryonicsculture, Avatar of Horus

in vivo (Latin for within living) is experimentations that utilizes whole living organisms.

Age in vivo is do it yourself Biology on Aging. The goal is to bring in more people interested in Aging. Hence, it is primarily of promotional nature but might result in contribution to the scientific knowledge in the long term.

Theoretically Lifespan Experiments/assays can be done by anyone. The experimental simple size is not important in the first place but can be become significant if it is scaled to a large numbers of experiments.

Although the experimental conditions will not be as strictly controlled as in Research labs, it has the tremendous advantage that it is more be closer relevant to human Aging, because humans are also living in a heterogeneous, relatively uncontrolled environments with many influence parameters and not in a laboratory-like standardized condition.

Preliminary experiments along these lines lead to the astonishing discovery that water restriction extends the lifespan even more than Dietary Restriction with breaking the longevity record for Sprague Dawley rats [].

The establishment of Age In Vivo may be Crowd-Funded and its execution will be crowd-sourced. It may also involve Longevity Media like a TV channel. A focused aim might be the identification of Aging Factors in the blood which can be implemented via non-invasive regular blood testing of animals.

A long-term goal is to systematize the aging and lifespan of all animals which enables the identification of lifespan styles and Interventions that promote longevity

As this experimentations aim to improve the health and Lifespan of our pets and animals in general there are no concerns that are associated with classic animal experiments that do not aim to extend longevity. The opposite/reverse is even the case, as promoting the health and longevity of pets and animals shall be demanded. o



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