Collaboration Continuous Longevity Meeting

Involved Labs/Organisations (3): Denigma, Heales, International Longevity Alliance
Participating Members (4): Edouard Debonneuil, Daniel Wuttke, Avinash Kumar Singh, Massimiliano Maidano

The Worldwide Continuous Longevity Meeting is a continuous discussion channel where anyone can decide to launch global collaborative presentations. The inventor Edouard Debonneuil proposed to incorporate it as an organ of the International Longevity Alliance in order to highly effectively promote collaborations. Its objective is build a robust community on anti-Aging Rsearch.

The channel is experimentally and currently implemented via Skype duo to its widespread usage. Contact edebonneuil on Skype for joining the meeting. Other technologies for the use of this Project as videochat are currently explored and suggestions are welcome.

The first presentation was given by Dimitri Shytikov and was about Organism's Senescence as a Developmental State but not just as a Result of Stochastic Damage

The second presentation was given by Daniel Wuttke and was about Linking Researcher to Solve Aging (Representation).

In parallel the Leadership of the ILA (and everyone who is interested) are having regular meetings to exchange ideas and plan the future development of the Alliance. There shall be subgroups discussing individual subtopics about ILA associated Projects.

The first meeting of the leadership group was on Saturday January 5 and suggested Projects for this organization and the roles s/he would like to have in those Projects.

There shall be a system for agendas.

Suggestions for the next agendas are open! o



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